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Same Day Delivery - Mon to Sat 10am-6pm
Orders placed on Saturday (After 3pm) will be delivered on Monday.
From Farm to Fork: Food Traceability

From Farm to Fork: Food Traceability

Have you heard of hibachi restaurants? The hibachi restaurants have been popular for more than just cultural reasons. It is the process that attracts the customers. They cook the food right in front of you! You can see your ordered food being prepared in real-time. The process is transparent. Moreover, as the consumer, you can have a satisfactory experience knowing how the meal was prepared. Unlike a generic restaurant, you can stay rest assured that your cooking service was of quality. This feeling of satisfaction and well-awareness holds value. It one of the reasons food traceability is important too. But what is food traceability? 

With our supermarkets being flooded with farm produce, often we have no idea how the food came there. Which farm produced it, what techniques were used or how was it harvested and then loaded are important questions that are neglected. Food traceability answers these queries. Food traceability is the process that allows to document and share the origins and journey of the distributed farm produce and their processed products. 

Simply put, it is a formal biography but for your food: you can see them making it from the seed to your table through the food value chain.

There are several reasons food traceability is important for consumers. It provides an added pressure for standardization other than the official regulations. The consumer-manufacturer interaction creates a system of check and inspection. Thus, nudging the producers and suppliers to satisfy the demands and expectations of the consumer while cementing the chain linkages. 

Did you read about the KPK food authority tracking and discarding 5000kg of adulterated spices? Or perhaps you came across an article of Pakistan authorities confiscating 750kg of unhygienic fake tea in April 2021? These are the news that manage to surface, a lot of food fraud goes unnoticed because of a lack of monitoring. Food fraud in Pakistan is a prevalent issue. With the widespread sale of unstandardized and low-quality food with tracking, the rate of food-borne diseases has never gone down. Food is supposed to strengthen your immunity, not test or compromise it. When you use the food tracing as credibility for consumption, it creates more demand for quality food through the same tracking outlet. Hence, food tracking and tracing conclude with improved food quality and health safety. 

Food tracking also addresses any ethical concerns that you might have. If you are concerned about exploitive farming and non-eco-friendly techniques, food traceability can answer you if your purchase will sync with your values. You don’t want to feed on the expense of your grandkids’ future; a nutritious diet with a promise for an agreeable future can be attained by food traceability. 

We are living in the age of the consumer; your desires and satisfaction are of utmost priority. The power in hands of consumers is just applied through food traceability to revolutionize the system and ensure quality, health, and standards.

At The Farmette, we understand the importance of your health, food safety, and quality as well as your satisfaction. It is why we pay special attention to not only quality products but also to make you the end part of our food traceability system. The stock on our shelf is fresh and trusted and easy to find origins of. We coordinate with the producers and suppliers so you can enjoy meals with your family without worrying about the health standard of your purchase.
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