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Same Day Delivery - Mon to Sat 10am-6pm
Orders placed on Saturday (After 3pm) will be delivered on Monday.
Why should I eat seasonally?

Why should I eat seasonally?

Nature is caring and nourishing. It gives us different seasons to enjoy. Each season has unique breathtaking sights and experiences. While winter gives you calm and cool days, it often has no sun: our vitamin D dealer. In Summers, the vacations might be rolling around under the clear blue sky but the bright sun increases the risk of dehydration. But nature’s got our back here too. These problems have sweet solutions available seasonally. The fruits and vegetables that get stocked in the market every few months are one of the best gifts from nature that you should devour as frequently as you can.

Generally, summer produce has extra beta-carotenes and is high in carotenoids. Mangoes are a great example of it. They have high beta-carotene which helps in protection from the sun’s damage. But mangoes have more than just the carotenes. They are called the king of fruits for a reason. They have about 60 to 67% of the daily required vitamin C . Mangoes, because of this magic vitamin, help improve skin and hair texture by building collagen. They also boost your immune system, assist in reducing cholesterol levels, and please your taste buds. Luckily, you won’t have to enjoy mangoes’ tastes and benefits because they are in season. You can get your premium quality fresh mangoes from The Farmette shop

In colder months, when the sun cannot greet you often, vitamin D production isn’t very high. Since vitamin D’s basic duty is to increase calcium absorption, nature gives us a way out by giving us vegetables that have high calcium instead. Broccoli, kale, and spinach have great taste, low calories, and a good amount of calcium. The winter produce also has higher vitamin C which is important to fight fevers and flu. There are many more nutritional benefits of seasonal greens in winter which we’ve discussed in our blog: What should I have for dinner tonight?

Talking about dinner, you can make plenty of mouthwatering choices with The Farmette’s mushrooms. We are excited for the mushroom season, which is just around the corner. Mushrooms have savory and exotic tastes packaged with diverse nutrients. Shiitake mushrooms for example contain three different cholesterol-reducing compounds: Eritadenine, sterols, and beta-glucans. It may help in keeping your heart happy and healthy. Moreover, recent research found that mushrooms improve gut immunity and reduce inflammation. We have another reason why you should select mushroom toppings for your homemade pizza. Shiitake mushrooms are loaded with vitamin D and protein. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, these are best for you. Although Vitamin D in these mushrooms isn’t the same as vitamin D from animals or fish, it will ensure that your bone density is taken care of. 

As seasonal produce fulfills your nutritional needs, their consumption has underlying benefits too. Since they are not stored, they are fresher and healthier as they are not gassed, preserved in wax, or irradiated to increase their shelf life. The Farmette assists smaller supply chains helping you get your high-nutrient veggies in the freshest form. With The Farmette, you can enjoy seasonal produce to a greater extent. Seasonal produce doesn’t need extra refrigeration or artificial growth environments. It makes them environmentally friendly. Lastly, eating seasonal produce encourages local farming. It is why it is cheaper and socially responsible as well.

Eating seasonally is the best way to go. Happy and healthy eating!
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