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The Magnificent Mango: Exploring the King of Fruits

The Magnificent Mango: Exploring the King of Fruits

It is summertime, which means it’s the best time for ice creams, seasonal fruits, and sharing recipes. Since it’s summer, it is time for the royalty – the mango – to make an appearance too. The king of fruits can be eaten raw or in recipes such as yogurt, smoothies, chutneys, or even curries! Native to the Indian subcontinent, this fruit is now grown in other parts of the world too. Still, nothing can beat the exotic taste and quality of mangoes in Pakistan. Of the five hundred-plus varieties, several kinds of mangoes are grown in Pakistan; these include Anwar ratol, chaunsa, langar, sindhri, and totapori. Each type is flavorful and succulent. But the taste isn’t the only reason this fruit is called the king of fruits. Mangoes have numerous health and nutritional benefits.

Mango has over 20 minerals and vitamins and thus qualifies as a superfood. For example, just by eating three-quarters cups of mango every day, you can fulfill about fifty percent of your daily Vitamin C requirement in a sweet and fulfilling way. Since vitamin C assists in wound healing and significantly improves the immune system, you will ensure your body is ready to fight off any infections the monsoon season brings.

The same serving also accomplished about eight percent of the average daily Vitamin A and B6 requirement. Mangoes also contain vitamin that acts as an agent in bone health by strengthening them. With vitamin K, mangoes effectively prevent anemia and help with blood clotting to avoid excessive bleeding. Since kids love the sweetness of mango over vitamin tablets, you can quickly satisfy your little one’s nutritional necessities!

Mango servings are also a tremendous and low-effort source of copper and folate, providing fifteen percent of their requirements. Both take part in cellular regeneration and are highly recommended for pregnant women. Organic mangoes also are high in magnesium and potassium content. These both are linked to a healthier heart as they reduce blood pressure and regulate the pulse. Additionally, some studies showed that mangoes are a source of Mangifera, a compound that lowers the heart’s inflammation. Since mangoes virtually contain no fat, they can be incorporated into a controlled diet to provide healthy, unprocessed, yet energizing carbs while ensuring a healthy heart.

King of Fruits is a warrior too! It fights free radicals using its antioxidants, such as beta-carotene (and the vitamins mentioned earlier). Beta-carotene is the same pigment that gives the mangoes their bright colors. As antioxidants fight the radicals, it prevents more cells from being damaged or mutating. Thus, it also keeps the chances of cancer low. Mangoes also have polyphenols with cancer cell-killing properties, reducing the chances of cancer in mango consumers. Several studies have also found concrete proof of mangoes’ effectiveness against breast, colon, and gastric cancers.

Thanks to their excellent taste, mangoes are famous and always have high demand. Unfortunately, to meet this incredible demand and cut the time-cost many producers resort to using calcium carbide: a chemical to speed up the ripening process. Calcium carbide contains carcinogens such as arsenic and phosphorous which do the opposite of what mango’s antioxidants intend to do: cause cancer. Calcium carbide also compromises gastric, neurological, and fetal health. Yet it yields fake success as the middle part of mangoes remains unripe even though the golden-yellow outer cover advertises otherwise. Hence, calcium-carbide-free mangoes are the best choice for the best quality mangoes. They have no peculiar cancer-causing chemicals coating them and are naturally ripe.

Mangoes are the sweet and delicious gift of nature. The taste, accompanied by nutritional and health wonders, makes it the perfect snack for summer days. But remember to select premium quality carbide-free mangoes to entirely bag the marvelous magic of mangoes!

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